The ICT Acceptable Use Policy applies to users of Wilson Group ICT resources, regardless of work location and applies to all aspects of use of all Wilson Group ICT resources. Users must always be mindful of the fact that Wilson Group ICT resources are provided for business purposes. Users are accountable for all use of Wilson Group ICT resources that have been made available to them and all use of Wilson Group ICT resources performed with their UserID. Users must maintain full supervision and physical control of Wilson Group ICT resources. UserIDs and passwords must be kept secure and confidential, passwords must be a minimum length of 8 characters and meet complexity requirements. Logon Users ID's are locked or revoked after a maximum of six (6) unsuccessful log-on attempts and the password will be required to be changed every 60 days. Users must not allow or facilitate unauthorised access to Wilson Group ICT resources. Wilson Group ICT resources may be accessed or monitored by Authorised Persons. The logon process is considered your acceptance of the ICT Acceptable Use Policy.

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